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Tuesday’s Child goes back to school, Wednesday 6th December 2007
Mr Kieran McTaggart, Principal of St Bernard's Primary School, Rosetta, gave a warm welcome to Tuesday's Child back to her first primary school today. Tuesday's Child met children from primary 4 to primary 7 and showed them pictures of children their age from around the world and photos of what some of their classrooms looked like. All of the children were very chatty and had lots to say. Things they noticed from the photos were that children looked sad, hungry, some looked very sick and some needed a good bath; also that the classrooms didn't lool very nice or comfortable. Everyone agreed they were very lucky to live in Belfast and go to such a nice primary school as St Bernards.

Tuesday's Child goes back to school

Teachers and parents of children attending St Bernard's sold 50 music albums and raised £750 for Tuesday's Child. All proceeds will go to children in Sao Paolo in Brazil. Belfast rock stars Brian Houston and Gerry Creen, both featuring on the Tuesday's Child double music album, played for the children and everyone joined in. Tuesday's Child also went to visit her old classroom where she started in primary one. I had great fun in this room, recalled Tuesday's Child, especially in the sand box! I was very sad to leave St Bernard's but Belfast wasn't a safe place for a lot of families in those days.


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One Country Country Spotlight: Democratic Republic of Congo... The recent civil war in eastern DRC has devastated many aspects of life and children are among those most affected. A population size equivalent to that of Ireland, north and south, died either through direct conflict or displacement. Mulongo is a school catering for about 2000 children. The school is one of many decimated during the war. It needs rebuilt and basic school supplies and a playground facility with better salaries to retain underpaid teachers. The Active Christian Evangelism (ACE) Group, lead by Dr Graham Fry, is funding the project; more funds are needed. Other areas in needs are feeding programmes, health promotion programmes and support of a new maternity hospital. Find out more about the Countries we help...
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