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Following Yonder Star Christmas Appeal 2023

“And in front of them was the star they had seen rising; it went forward and halted over the place the child was. The sight of the star filled them with delight and going into the house they saw the child with His mother Mary and falling to their knees they did Him homage. Then opening their treasures they offered Him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh”. Matthew 2:9-12

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so bright!
Like a diamond in the sky!

Tuesday’s Child Christmas Appeal will send all donations received to our partners helping children exhausted by war and famine. This year the Following Yonder Star Appeal hopes to help children in the following areas of the world:

Tuesday’s Child Christmas Appeal

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On 7 October, feast day of the Holy Rosary, Israel declared war on Gaza. Two months on, the world is witnessing a holocaust of children. Over 7000 children have been killed, thousands are missing and many are injured. Almost half of the population in Gaza are children. Children and their families in Gaza were already living under siege and in terrible conditions denied the most basic human rights. 80 percent of families are displaced and children need everything – water, food, clothes, shoes, blankets, medicines.
The Holy Family of Nazareth fled Bethlehem to Egypt through Gaza. The tragedy is families in Gaza have no place to flee too from modern day Herods; they are trapped in a wall of steel. The Holy Family also journeyed back from Egypt to Nazareth through Gaza. Tuesday’s Child has been helping children in Gaza since 2007 and has jouneyed to the Gaza strip 4 times.
No child should have to live in these conditions. Tuesday’s Child is helping in Gaza thanks to Our Lady of Medjugorje. Our Lady Queen of Peace pray for the children of Gaza and for lasting peace between Palestine and Israel. Our Lady of Medjugorje says that fasting on bread on water on Wednesday and Friday can even suspend wars.

On 24 February 2022, Russia a declared war on the Ukraine. Twenty two months on, the horrific war continues to cause enormous suffering and, as in all wars, children suffer most. This Christmas, Tuesday’s Child is fundraising for displaced children and their families in Kiev. Funds go to Fr Rolf who co-ordinates aid relief throughout Ukraine and also runs homes for children consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
He co-ordinates aid through one of the largest relief agencies in the Ukraine. Tuesday’s Child met Fr. Rolf in Fatima when visiting Fatima the shrine to celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception in 2018. Our Lady of Fatima said “continue always to pray the Rosary every day for peace in the world and an end to the war”.

Sudan continues to be ravaged by war. Tuesday’s Child first helped children in St. Daniel’s Children Hospital in Wau, South Sudan through Franciscan Missionary Sisters of Africa. In later years we helped children in Sudan through the Mill Hill Missionary Fathers formerly of St. Mary’s Church in Belfast. This Christmas we wish to support an Irish Mill Hill Father helping in Sudan.

The poverty in Nairobi and in many parts of Kenya is terrible. This Christmas Tuesday’s Child wishes to help Irish missionary priest Fr Conor. Donations go to parties for children in Sinai slums in Nairobi. Tuesday’s Child first visited Kenya during the East African famine. £5 buys a gift and a meal and £10 buys a pair of shoes and socks. £500 will cover a party and for 200 children.
Tuesday’s Child also supports a small school in Northern Kenya close to the Somalian border. The school is for children with disabilities and is run by the Camillian sisters. The school is also seeking funds for educational support and medicines for children with disabilities in the coming year.
Tuesday’s Child also wishes to help the Franciscan Missionary Sisters in Kariobangi supporting their work for education of children living in dire poverty.


Tuesday’s Child helps children in Uganda through Fr Albert, who we met at the International Eucharist Congress in Dublin. Donations go to supporting children in Nebbi including orphaned children and children of child soldiers with Christmas gifts and food.

Tuesday’s Child hopes to support education of children in Karnataka, Southern India, through the coming year. We fundraise for a Carmelite priest Fr Jerome who builds schools for children and co-ordinates their education. The charity met Fr Jerome in Derry and Belfast when he was in Ireland. Fr Jerome promotes devotion to the Infant of Prague and raising funds for school children in India.

Tuesday’s Child is supporting a centre for children in Sao Paulo Brazil. The centre is run by Fr. Mario, formerly parish priest of the Holy Family Church in Gaza city.

Tuesday’s Child supports children in Aleppo Syria in the centre of the Latin Church of St. Francis in Aleppo with gifts. We first partnered with the Church of St. Francis through our Greccio live crib in Belfast city centre in 2016.

The Bethlehem Star
To support our Christmas Appeal click on the Bethlehem Star: 100 percent of funds received will go to helping children.
Christmas Cards of the Holy Family of Nazareth are also available. All proceeds to the Following Yonder Star Christmas Appeal.
May God and the Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Holy Family of Nazareth bless the children of the world this Christmas. “Raise Your tiny hand Divine Child and bless these young friends of Yours. bless the children of all the earth”. Pope St. John Paul II .

Tuesday’s Child is pro-life
Tuesday’s Child believes that every child is precious and has the right to life. Every child is created by God at the moment of conception. Genesis 5:2 tells us “He created them male and female and blessed them. And He named them mankind when they were created. Tuesday’s Child upholds the right to life of every human being from conception to natural death. Life is beautiful. Evangelium Vitae./p>

Travelling Light book

Christmas Cards

Beautiful Christmas cards of the Holy Family of Nazareth

“For there is a Child born to us, a Son given to us, and dominion is laid on His shoulders; and this is the name they gave Him: Wonder Counsellor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace”. Isaiah 9:6

Pack of 10 cards £7 plus P&P

Proceeds to Tuesday’s Child Christmas Appeal for children exhausted by war and hunger.

Email info@tuesdayschild.org.uk or text 07545452362 to order.


Gaza Emergency Appeal

Gaza is the most densely child populated place in the world. There are more children living here per square mile than in any other country or state. Children live in already terrible conditions denied basic human rights for life and are trapped between two sealed borders where transfers out of Gaza for life saving medical treatment for children are also often refused.

Many children are malnourished and deeply traumatised from ongoing inhumane and collective punishment by Israel. The killing and wounding of children has become a blood sport and international media turns a blind eye to the atrocities.

On 7 October 2023, Israel declared war on Gaza following an escalation of violence in Israel and terrorist attacks by militants tragically claiming many lives and wounding many others including children.

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Friday 27 October

Day of prayer and fasting for peace
Holy Hour in St. Peter’s Square,
Rome 6 pm
5 pm Irish time

Peace, peace, peace

Pope Francis calls for penance and prayer on Friday 27 October imploring God for peace.

He also invites all believers to unite with him in prayer from St Peter’s Square in Rome at 6 pm Italian time, 5 pm Irish time.

“Dear brothers and sisters, my thoughts go to Palestine and Israel, the victims are increasing and the situation in Gaza is desperate. May, please, everything possible be done to avoid a humanitarian disaster. It’s possible that this war might grow and there are many many wars in the world. May the weapons fall silent!

Jesus is on the side of the poor, the children, the suffering. Brothers and sisters, war does not solve any problems, it only sows death and destruction, it increases hatred, it multiplies revenge, war destroys the future, it destroys the future.

I call on all believers to take only one side in this conflict that of peace, not with words, with prayer.

Photo - Candlelight prayer walk for peace in the Holy Land,
Belfast 6 Jan 2009

Thinking about this, I decided to make the 27 October a day of penance so that people can in the way they see best, brothers and sisters of all Christian churches, and all other religions can come together for peace in the world.

That evening at 6 pm in St Peter’s Square in a spirit of penance we will have an hour of prayer to implore God for peace in our days, peace in this world.

I ask all the particular churches to participate by putting on similar events which bring together the people of God.

…please brothers and sisters let us pray for peace in the world and let us not forget tortured Ukraine, people are not speaking about it at the moment but there are a lot of dramas going on.

My blessing to all”

Pope Francis
18 Oct 2023
on the feast of St Luke the evangelist.


Appeal for children in Ukraine

Sascha plays the accordion in his home near Kiev.

To support children in Ukraine please donate to:

To donate, click here. 100 percent of donations will go to the relief effort.

Or donate via PayPal...


Pope Francis calls all believers to pray and fast

Tuesday 17 October

Pope Francis calls all believers to pray and fast Tuesday 17 October for peace in the Holy Land and an end to all war.

“Dear brothers and sisters, I continue to follow with great sorrow what is happening in Israel and Palestine. I think again of many..in particular children and the elderly. I renew my appeal for the freeing of hostages and I strongly ask that children, the sick, elderly, women and all civilians not be made victims of this conflict.

Humanitarian law is to be respected, especially in Gaza, where it is urgent and necessary to ensure humanitarian corridors and to come to the aid of the entire population. Brothers and sisters already many have died. Please let no more innocent blood be shed neither in the Holy Land or in the Ukraine, nor in any other place. Enough! Wars are always a defeat! Always.

Prayer is the meek and holy force to oppose the diabolical force of hatred, terrorism and war. I invite all believers to join with the Church in the Holy Land and to dedicate next Tuesday 17 October to prayer and fasting.

And now let us pray to Our Lady

Hail Mary full of grace
The Lord is with you
Blessed are Thou among women
and blessed is the fruit of Thy womb Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death.



Happy Birthday Our Lady

Friday 8 September ‘23

A bouquet of red and white roses was presented to Our Lady Queen of Peace in Medjugorje on 8 September.

The bouquet represents people in Ireland wishing Our Lady Happy Birthday by praying the Rosary and asking Jesus to give Our Lady the gift of peace on her birthday. Children in São Paulo Brazil and Children in Uganda also prayed the Rosary to wish Our Lady Happy Birthday.

Our Lady Queen of Peace pray for us. Peace for every child born and unborn!

Happy Birthday Our Lady

Easter Appeal for Children in the Ukraine

Tuesday's Child is raising funds to help children and their families displaced in the terrible war on Ukraine. 100 percent of monies received will go to aid distribution in Ukraine and to refugee centres in Poland and Romania.

On 24 February 2022, Russia launched a devastating war on the Ukraine. Thousands of innocent people have been tragically killed. Hundreds of thousands of families are displaced by war and exhausted by sheer trauma. As in all wars, children are suffering terribly and displaced children are at risk of trafficking.

Tuesday’s Child Easter Appeal
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or here to donate via PayPal

Tuesday's Child is fundraising to support catholic missionaries working in the Ukraine under the banner "triumph of hearts"; they have have been doing amazing work for years bringing much needed aid to children and people of all ages in Ukraine. Since the outbreak of war they have distributed aid through a logistically excellent and long established network of humanitarian support. They also support children's homes dedicated to the Heart of Mary. We first met them in Fatima on 8 December, where Our Lady appeared to three little shepherds in 1917 asking for the daily Rosary and sacrifices for an end to war and told the children she will come to ask for the consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart and reparation on first Saturdays. On 25 March 2022 Pope Francis consecrated Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

In March 70 trucks of aid were distributed to key areas affected by the war. Areas helped include Kiev in Northern Ukraine, Lviv, Ternopol, Ivano Frankisvk, Khmelnyzkyj, Chernivisti and Vinnyzja in Western Ukraine and Odessa in the South. In April they are sending aid also to refugee centres in Poland and Romania. Food costs are approximately 5000 Euro per 15 tonnes of food and freight costs €2,500 per truck. Other items distributed include: fire fighting equipment, medical aid, blankets, clothes, hygiene items and items for babies and children.

To donate, click here. 100 percent of donations will go to the relief effort.

Or donate via PayPal...

Thank you!
Thank you for your kind support of Tuesday’s Child’s Christmas Appeal in 2021. A total of £32,244.93 was shared between missionary partners co-ordinating humanitarian support of children in 8 countries from November 2021 to January 2022. The public benefit to children: food, clean water, education, play and leisure and Christmas gifts. All beneficiaries are living in areas of war and extreme hardship. Monies transferred including grant monies.

Thank you also for your kind support of the Easter Appeal for children in the Ukraine which raised 10K for children and their families living in Kiev. Let us pray for an end to this terrible war and all wars and for peace for every child. May our world family learn to cherish every little boy and little girl. Every child has a right to life.

Some photos of children from around the world helped by Tuesday’s Child last year.

Public benefit to children included: food, clean water, coats, shoes, educational grants, school uniforms, play and leisure activities, hospice care, Christmas parties and gifts.

Children helped by Tuesday's Child in 2022


Prayers for children of the world this Christmas

“For there is a child born to us,
a Son given to us
and dominion is laid on His shoulders;
and this is the name they give Him:
Wonder-Counsellor, Mighty God,
Eternal Father, Prince of Peace”.
Isaiah 9:6

We also ask your prayers this Christmas for all children in the world and the gift of peace for every child, born and unborn.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Holy Family of Nazareth, for all the children of the world. Maybe every child be loved as Mary and Joseph loved the Baby Jesus. May the star that shone brightly over in Bethlehem shine brightly this Christmas over all the children in the world and bring hope and joy to all. “Raise your tiny hand, Divine Child, and bless these young friends of yours, bless the children of all the earth”.

prayer for christmas


Gaza Emergency Appeal

Tuesday’s Child has been helping children and their families in Gaza since August 2007. Over the last 11 days, the world has watched in horror as another war has raged across the 26 mile long strip of land, home to 2 million people. Gaza is the most densely child populated place in the world where children live in dire conditions under siege and denied their basic human rights.

The latest war has claimed the lives of 247 people including 67 children and 39 women. Babies of pregnant women also died in the womb with their mothers; these children are not included in the official death toll. In Israel, 12 people have lost their lives in the conflict. Tens of thousands of families are displaced across Gaza and thousands of families have lost everything in this terrifying and brutal war. Please consider making a donation to provide: food, clothes, hygiene kits, shoes and blankets. Let us also pray for the dead, the bereaved, the injured, the homeless and for an end to the cruel siege of Gaza.

Donate at JustGiving »
Download and share our appeal poster »

Gaza Emergency Appeal

Department of Communities NI - Covid 19 Charity Fund

Tuesday’s Child is delighted to receive an award of £20,000 from the Department of Communities NI - Covid 19 Charity Fund.
Thank you!

Gaza Emergency Appeal donation thanks


Valentine’s Day Appeal for Children in Gaza

Children in Gaza have lived under a cruel siege for 14 years, in cramped and dire conditions, denied the most basic human rights - lack of clean drinking water, lack of food, and living with raw sewage and in makeshift homes. If you are 18 years old and living in Gaza you will have survived three wars and know someone who has been killed or injured while you have been unable to flee or even travel outside the 26 mile long strip of land that you call home. You are mostly likely traumatised and cannot fathom why you have to live like this and why the world does not seem to care about your plight.
With each war, the media shows some of the horror - images of dead children, families fleeing with nowhere to flee to, shattered lives and a strip of land almost bombed into oblivion. Yet nothing changes. The world seems powerless to break the siege and stop the extreme bullying of the Gazan people and the media moves on to the next news story. So many living in makeshift homes, waiting and hoping for news of some breakthrough and nothing changes.

Love changes everything! Show a little love this Valentine’s Day for the children of Gaza. Even the price of a rose can make a difference to the life of a child for one day.

Donate via PayPal...

To Gaza with Love Valentine’s Day appeal


Follow Yonder Star

Santa Claus launches Following Yonder Star Christmas 2020 Appeal

Santa Claus made a surprise visit to Ardglass on 6th December and to launch our Following Yonder Star Christmas Appeal for children and bring a little joy and cheer. Santa and his helpers were greeted by children of St. Nicholas’ Primary School, who gathered outdoors in the school Eco garden and sang Christmas songs and carols.

Santa arrived by donkey and trap with donkeys Remus and Hobnob kindly provided by Kinedale Farm in Ballynahinch. Hobnob was loaded with baskets of blessed clementines for children and staff. “Santa is very special to the children of St. Nicholas PS as he is patron saint of our school” said Principal Kevin Burns.

Afterwards, Santa Claus journeyed around town where he received a generous cheque from Joanne of £1000 towards our Christmas Appeal! Santa Claus is a wonder-worker and a bringer of gifts. We hope, with his help, to bring many gifts to children this Christmas. Santa Claus is patron saint of children, so we will be asking his prayers to help all children in the world this Christmas. All monies received go to purchasing gifts for children.

Follow Yonder StarFollow Yonder Star

Live Crib Belfast

Following Yonder Star - The Live Christmas Crib 2013 -2019

“We saw His star as it rose and have come to do Him homage”.
Matthew 2:3

Thank you to everyone who has supported our annual Christmas fundraiser – The Live Christmas Crib in The Grotto at St. Mary’s - over the past 7 years. The outdoor Live Crib has brought great joy to children both at home and abroad and to people of all ages and all faiths in Belfast City and across the Province. Many international visitors, have visited, some who journeyed especially to Belfast especially to visit the Crib! Thanks to Blackberry Farm and Kinedale Farm for the beautiful animals over the years, to the all the crib volunteers and to the schools and choirs who have come to sing Christmas carols at the crib and to St. Mary’s for hosting the crib. Live Crib has raised a total of £72, 383.23 for children at the crib over the 7 blessed years and daily prayers offered for peace in the world and peace for every child, born and unborn.

All monies raised in the buckets have gone to missionary partners working in areas of war and extreme hardship, to bring Christmas gifts to children in 10 countries – Syria, Gaza, Kenya, Sudan, India, Cameroon, Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia and Child Boat Refugees in Syria. Public benefit from monies raised for children overseas includes: Christmas gifts and parties for children, food aid for children and their families, education of children, music therapy, health-care and wood shelters for families. St. Francis of Assisi, built the first live crib in Greccio in 1223, almost 800 years ago! St. Joseph please lead us to a new place for and The Live Crib in 2020!


Live Crib Belfast

Play The Bethlehem song

The Bethlehem Song

Children of St. Mary’s recorded a beautiful Christmas carol for us, “The Bethlehem Song”, written by Theresa Gosh.
The song was recorded live at the Live Crib.
To order a copy of the song on CD email events@tuesdayschild.org.uk.
Cost is £2.50 plus P and P and makes a lovely stocking filler!

The Bethlehem Song

Tuesday’s Child Projects
This year Tuesday’s Child is helping:

Children of Wajir,
  Children of Gaza,
  Child Scavengers of
Nairobi, Kenya
  Children of St Daniel’s
Wau, South Sudan
Children of Wajir,  Kenya   Children of Gaza,  Palestine   Child Scavengers of  Nairobi, Kenya   Children of St Daniel’s  Wau, South Sudan
Street Children of
Sinai Slums, Nairobi
  Children of Nebbi,
  Children of
Karnataka, India
  Children of Lagos,
Street Children of  Sinai Slums, Nairobi   Children of Nebbi,  Uganda   Children of  Karnataka, India   Children of Lagos,  Nigeria

Emergency appeal for Gaza

On Tuesday 8th July a full scale war was launched on the Gaza strip. The majority of people killed and badly injured are civilians. Family homes, schools, hospitals, charities, farming areas have all come under constant shelling by air and sea. The tiny coastal enclave, just 26 miles long and 4-7 miles wide, where people are trapped behind a wall of steel, is being bombarded. Fighter planes, drones and war ships continue to destroy home after home and tear apart family after family.

Thousands of people have been displaced from their homes, many still living in makeshift homes since the last war. Please help. We give everything we receive. And please pray for the people of Gaza and for peace between Israel and Palestine and throughout the Middle East. Peace and justice for every child.

View an album on Facebook, click here »

Please donate now through:

justgiving.com »
Just Giving to Tuesday's Child

Or donate via PayPal...

Gaza Appeal July 2014

My name is Shahed, this is my borther Mohammed and my sister Wad, we lost our home here in Shejayia, where we are sitting is where out home was. We went to stay in one of the schools, but lots of the children there are getting sick, so my Mum took us home - she said, we are better here sitting on the stones of our own home, rather than getting sick.

Children of Gaza; homeless and traumatised - view here »

Loose Change Appeal

Your loose change can really make a difference.
Why not have a spring clean and gather up the loose change around your home or car?
We give everything we receive.

loose change appeal


Thinking of running a marathon?

Run a marathon for Tuesday's ChildIt’s the marathon season again.
Want to get fit and make a difference to the lives of children?
Why not run or walk a marathon, not just for yourself, but to help others?

For more information, contact us at info@tuesdayschild.ie

Photo Paddy Mathews running for children in Gaza

Belfast singer-songwriter releases song for children of war for Tuesday’s Child – Just Like You and I

Just Like You and I was written by Olive for children ravaged by war. "In my dreams you cried and I heard you, with love, I dedicate this song to all children of the world, born and unborn".
Buy online here »

Just Like You and I music track


To all Tuesday’s Child’s friends on Facebook

Our Tuesday's Child friends page was disabled last week while posting reports from the war on children in Gaza. We have lost almost all of our facebook posts for the last 7 years and all photo albums taken on trips overseas to help children in all areas we have helped in have been removed - Bosnia, Brazil, Congo DRC, Gaza, India, Pakistan, Kenya, Bolivia, Chile, West Bank, Israel, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe...
Read more »

Tuesday's Child Facebook

Midsummer prayerPeace for every child

Please pray for peace between Israel and Palestine and throughout the Middle East and all areas of war and conflict. Peace and justice for every child


album imageClick to view photos of some of the children Tuesday’s Child has met around the world. You are our inspiration! God bless you all and keep you safe.

View on Facebook here »


Sports memorabilia

Tuesday’s Child has some fabulous collectors items for sports enthusiasts:

Steven Gerrard signed boot for Tuesday's Child Charity

• Signed football boot by Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard
• Kerry 2009 All-Ireland Football final shirt signed by the team
• Collection of signed photos of 3 golfing greats -
Rory McIlroy, Graeme McDowell and Darren Clarke

All proceeds go to helping children in Gaza.

Appeal for families in Tacloban

Tuesday’s Child is raising funds to support the St Maries of the Isle missionary sisters based in Tacloban in bringing aid and relief to families devastated by the typhoon that hit the Philippines leaving hundreds of thousands of people in ongoing need of help.
To help, donate click here »

gaza appeal


Buy a food hamper for a family in Gaza

Nairobi appealThe humanitarian crisis in Gaza continues to spiral. Of the 1.7 million people trapped in this tiny 26 mile strip of land, 50 percent are children.

The world bank recently reported that the Gaza strip is the poorest Arab region after Sudan and Yemen. Food baskets cost £40 (€48).

For photos of April ?4 Gaza food distribution click here »

Eslam 5 yrs, Gaza city,
with food for her family

Appeal for Syrian refugee children

Tuesday’s Child is raising funds to support and educational
Programme for 400 displaced children from Syria living in refugee camps In Lebanon. The programme helps children adjust to the Lebanese educational System. If you can help please email us at info@tuesdayschild.ie

Children in camp in Northern Syria with toys from Tuesday’s Child

gaza appeal


“Abandoned” by Kay Eastwood – for Syria

Nairobi appealHilsborough Artist Kay Eastwood has kindly donated this beautiful painting
“Abandoned” to help children in Syria. Kay’s work is currenty on exhibition as part of the Ulster Women’s Artists Exhibition in the Ulster Hall running from 8th – 29th Nov 2013.

The reserve on the painting is £790 of which 100 percent will go to children in Syria.

Click here to view other auction items »


Appeal for children of Sudan

Franciscan sisters working in St Daniel’s Paediatric
Hospital Wau in south Sudan need your help to
support their paediatric hospital. Can you help?

If you can help please email us
at info@tuesdayschild.ie
gaza appeal
Photo little girl with her baby brother in St Daniel’s Wau


Get involved

Get involved and make a real difference to Tuesday’s Child. Organise an event, collect your loose change, buy our merchandise, makea donation to one of our appeals, or shake a bucket. Contact us at events@tuesdayschild.org.uk

Guitar Auction Snow PatrolPhoto: In loving memory of our eldest volunteer Gerry Rock, who died 83 yrs.
“I just love helping wee children”, Gerry Rock RIP.



Child Scavengers of Nairobi: Field Report...
read it here »
Child Scavengers of  Nairobi: Field Report

Find Madeiline McCann

Have you seen me?

Find Madeleine Campaign

If you know where Madeleine is now or who was involved in her abduction, or if you were in Praia da Luz around the time of Madeleine’s abduction (3rd May 2007) and have not spoken to anyone in the police, please contact Operation Grange via this link »

Madeleine McCann age progression image, aged 9.

Find Madeiline McCann


In December 2010, Tuesday’s Child launched an appeal on facebook for a little girl called Areej, badly injured by white phosphorus in January 2009 in Gaza. Two specialist burns surgeons advised that unfortunately there is no surgery available for Areej. Thank you to everyone who supported the needs of this little girl.

In January 2011, a group called Truth Justice Peace, made a video of Areej and linked it to our charity without our knowledge or discussion of content. The information given in this video is incorrect. We first became aware of this video on 10 Jan 2011 and requested then, and many times since, that this video link be removed to Tuesday’s Child. Tuesday’s Child wishes to state we have NO association with the makers or the content of this video.

Tuesday’s Child, 21 April 2011.
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album image

Buy our double album of Irish music supported by some of Ireland’s best musicians and bands ?Snow Patrol, Westlife, Ronan Keating, Duke Special, Mary Black, Liam O’Maonlai, Kila, Cara Dillon and many more.

music album for Tuesday's Child

News Image

Concerts, pub quizzes, marathons, wine tastings, art exhibitions, gala events, bucket collections, coffee mornings – Tuesday’s Child has lots on to help raise funds for babies and children. Why not get involved and make a difference. Email us at events@tuesdayschild.org.uk

We give 100 percent of monies raised.

What we do at Tuesday's Child

Tuesday's Child Gigs for kids in Gaza       Tuesday's Child Twitter
Find us on Facebook, and
keep up to date with us.

helping hand image

How you can help now...

Lend a helping hand to a child in one of the areas we help in...Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Congo, Egypt, Gaza, Israel, Phiippines, Syria, Uganda, West Indies, Zambia, Zimbabwe ... Read more here »

Make a donation, sponsor a child, feed a family, have a fundraiser, volunteer. We take no costs and give everything we receive. Bring a smile to a child today!

Tuesday’s Child gives 100 percent of donations received and funds raised. You can also donate online at the following links: ….

Donate online at justgiving.com »
Just Giving to Tuesday's Child

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prayer for children


Prayers for children

All over the world, children face terrible hardship and suffering. There is a global war of evil raging against babies and children.

Many children face horrors such as: forced labour, child abuse, child imprisonment, child torture, recruitment as child soldiers, deliberate maiming, child trafficking, child organ trafficking, labelling as child witches, abandonment, child sacrifice and genocide. When natural disasters e.g. flooding, earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis child predators often move in. Millions of other children don’t even get the chance to be born because of abortion. Please pray for protection of every child and that each may “have a chance to grow in God’s love like a flower in the morning sun”. Children need your prayers. Pray for them and encourage the children in your life to pray for them too. Peace for every child in the world and the womb.

Donate now & download a song for peace
Give what you can and download a song for peace in the Holy Land, Just Like You and I by Olive Kayes. 100 percent go to helping children in both Palestine and Israel. Donate here »

Tuesday's Child Medjuorje image

Tuesday’s Child was inspired by a visit to Medjugorje in May 2006. Medjugorje is a little bit of heaven and a fountain of light and grace for the world in dark times. Everything we do is All Through Mary for the glory of the child Jesus.

We take no salaries or administration costs and work directly with missionaries in all project areas. Peace in the world and the womb for every child...

read more about Tuesday's Child »



Bookmarks with beautiful poems written for Tuesday’s Child by Belfast poet Ann Murray. Bookmarks with prayer to Guardian angel (Angelus Dei) also available.
Click on the images to view larger.


    Protecting Babies
Tuesday’s Child is pro-life.
Many speak of “the unborn” as if they are a different species, they are little babies and
they need our special love and protection.
No matter what has happened, it is not the baby’s fault.
No matter how hard life is, or how difficult your circumstances are, it’s not the baby’s fault
Even if life may not be viable outside the womb, a baby is still entitled to a name and to die comforted.
Cherish life. Peace for every child in the world and the womb.

Photo: Mother and child, medical clinic, Lodwar, Kenya


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