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Some special messages from the musicians....

I became an uncle for the first time, around the same time we were asked to contribute to this album. Upon my first hold of my niece, Honey, I soon realised that without my sister and brother- in-law she would be helpless. Without all of us in her life, although she doesn’t know it yet, she wouldn’t stand much of a chance at a healthy, happy and stable life. So many children are born without the protection and love that my little niece has and that is why charities like this are so important.
Gary Lightbody - Snow Patrol

“Let’s hope this helps”.
David Ballantine

So delighted to be involved in this project. Every success to Tuesday’s Child. Love,
Kate Purcell and Mary Fitzgerald

“God Bless The Child”.
Orla Murphy

It’s a privilege to be part of such a compassionate and inspired project. I hope it sells millions and changes lives for the better, for good.
Brian Houston

In my dreams you cried and I heard you. With love I dedicate Just Like You and I to all children of the world, born and unborn.
Olive Kayes

It’s really a great honour for me to help with this and I’m so stoked to be involved. To be helping to make a difference to someone’s life, if not many people’s lives, can only be a good thing.
Layla Astley

I am very happy to be involved with a project which supports the rights of children to live and grow up safely in a nurturing environment.
Duke Special

I am delighted and privileged to be part of this fantastic Tuesday’s Child project.
Gerry Creen

Children are life’s treasures. We need to nourish, nurture and cherish them. Every good wish to Tuesday’ s Child and lots of love to all its children.
Aine Whelan

What a great project! Best of luck with it.
Siobhan Pettit

An honour to be involved - best of luck.
Brendan and Declan Murphy

Having just become a new mother to twin boys, I now understand and appreciate how precious and fragile children are. They need to be protected and nurtured on every level. It is a privilege to be part of this wonderful project so please join us in giving it all the support it truly deserves.
Cara Dillon

We are children. There is no difference when we play, when we laugh, when we dance, when we cry. Some of us are hungry, some of us are enslaved, some of us are dying, some of us are safe, some of us have what we need and more. Some of us just don’t know. Music reaches across like a river and it carries messages and prayers. All the messages and prayers meet in the end.
Liam O’ Maonlai

We are delighted to be involved with such an innovative and worthwhile project. Tuesday’s Child has already achieved so much across the globe and we hope that this album will enable them to continue their amazing work.

I was delighted to be asked to be part of the Tuesday’s child project. If we can make a difference in the life of even one child then this album will have been a success.
Kieran Goss

I’m so happy to be involved in such a wonderful project.
Julie Feeney

“Give me a child until he’s seven and I’ll show you the man.”
Foy Vance

Delighted to be involved.
Paul Casey

Hi there, as a father of three wonderful kids I am lucky to be able to provide them with what I hope is a great start in life. Every child deserves nothing less so I hope that this Tuesday’s Child album can help those who deserve it the most. Yours truly,
Ronan Keating

Please support Tuesday’s Child.
Brian Kennedy

Oh to be a child again!
Damian McNicholl

I’m delighted to be involved in Tuesday’s Child to support such a good cause and give a little hope to the children of the future.
Aileen Kerr

It’s an honour to be involved in this project and it’s our pleasure to dedicate this song to such a
worthwhile cause. Best wishes,
Jonathan Toman and Stevie Scullion. Cat Malojian

Every child is a Tuesday’s Child - full of grace - so why not join in and sing along. Delighted to be part of the project. I hope it will be a huge success.
Bertie Fulton

Best of luck with the album. A great and worthy cause.
Claire Sproule

Thank you for finding a way to help and for focusing on the need to help children, especially those
affected by conflict and violence.
Eleanor McEvoy

Children are precious and should never have to suffer... that is why I’m so happy to be involved in this worthwhile project.
Mary Black

It’s a privilege to be part of the Tuesday’s Child project. I hope the album can play a part in improving the lives of the children involved with the charity.
Ben Glover

“This child will build a violin One will follow the traveller’s love Another will the bow apply To reach the one above”.
Jimmy MacCarthy

Bí saor Bí álainn, Be Free Be Beautiful, In song, in music We are both, sing out! Cán ámach
Colm O Snodaigh (Kíla)

One Country Country Spotlight: Egypt... The Holy Vincent of Paul School, Aboule Darde, Alexandria is a primary school catering for 400 children, both orphans and an intake from the poorest of the poor families in the region. The school provides education and full meals to all children. They are urgently in need of funds to sustain services (the right to education, the right to health). Find out more about the Countries we help...
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